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The TLDR and What's Next: I Can Do All Things

The TLDR and What's Next: I Can Do All Things
The tldr on Episode 2 of the twds podcast: I Can Do All Things takes you on a journey with content creator extraordinaire Ime

I really enjoyed writing this producer's note weeks after the episode with Ime because, we are now in 2021, Ime set out exactly to do what he said he would, last seen somewhere in Cairo being a dope producer!

Ime’s Journey from Corporate 9-5 to Full-time Content Creator

Ime is a content creator from Baltimore with a very inspiring story. During the episode we talk about his journey from a corporate job to become a traveler and finally taking up content creation full-time.

Ime’s interest in photography peaked during his first year in college when his dad gifted him a camera. He began shooting landmarks across DC and eventually landed his first photography gig at a family event. He worked in the corporate America for nine years but eventually he decided to give it all up. He wanted to travel and also wanted to share his story to inspire others. When he decided to take the leap, it took him a few months to accept this and reaffirm himself that he could do this.

There is a sense of security with a corporate job, so it is a hard decision, but when he made his decision that was it for him. He realized that he never had his own time, he had been studying and working his whole life. After converting his love for traveling into a business, he realized the importance of managing his own time, and figuring out how much you can do in a day.

Transitioning from Salaried Job to Taking Risks

He was working in Silicon Valley and making good money yet when he made the decision to leave that all behind he did not feel any pressure about risking it all. Doing what he does, his perspective has changed and he is more interested in how much he can see than how much he can make.

When he started out he realized that he could create an impact for his community and eventually people started reaching out for collaborations as well.

Traveling full-time means being away from you family and loved ones, Ime also shared how his family took his transition. He wasn’t living close to home before he started traveling but he would visit frequently. When he started his journey, they were prepared for him being away for the longest period. But they were concerned about the places he would be visiting. He would try to show them what he was doing by sharing photos and videos. He was born in Baltimore and his father is Nigerian. He wants to be able to represent the African-American community in Baltimore and the Nigerian family as well. His father believes in him and supports his journey.

Plans for Future Travel

Ime has enjoyed solo travel but he began to realize after sometime that he needs to share this experience with someone. He is currently in a very happy relationship and in the future he plans on traveling with his girlfriend.

How Did the Pandemic Affect Ime’s Business?

2020 was a challenging year as this was his breakout year but his project were cancelled, so it was tough. He managed to get through it by reaffirming himself that he can do anything. Owing to his creativity and background in project management, he was certain there was a way out of it. He started to repurpose old content, pictures, and videos, while sitting at home. The pandemic situation was out of his control and he couldn’t travel, so, instead he started telling different stories and highlighted problems of African communities in Baltimore.

Best Moment of his Journey So Far

Among his best moments he mentioned Bali and Nigeria as two places he would never forget and the emotions attached to his experience. Before going to Bali he was in Thailand, and he ended up visiting a small island called the Nusa Penida Island, it was secluded but beautiful. He began reflecting on his journey, how far he has come, how he always wanted to do this. This realization just made him feel grateful for being where he was and enjoying the moment.

He started his journey in November 2018, he travelled to Nigeria, and from there he went all around the world and then returned. When he was back in his village in Nigeria, he looked back and realized that he has travelled the whole world and come back to village where it all began. This experience was a blessing in itself. He also added that talking about it on the episode is even one of his favorite moments.

He learned that he could do anything if he put his mind to it. Ime managed to do just this with his content journey and even before. He shared how people reach out to him and tell him that they made their travel plans after watching his content. At the end of the day, it is always amazing that he is inspiring others.