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Episode 7 (Part II): My Brother's Keeper: Vulnerability and Self-Care

Episode 7 (Part II): My Brother's Keeper: Vulnerability and Self-Care
JP is back.. In this episode we talk dating, toxicity among men, mental health, self-care, vulnerability, seeking validation, defining being men in our lens

My Brother's Keeper: Vulnerability and Self-Care

This is part 2 of 2 of a series with my friend JP... Part 1 is called "Wish You Were Here: Grief and Pandemic"... In this episode gloves come off. I ask JP about the topic of being a man and seeking re-assurance in relationships.. We talk about dating scene, here in Seattle and also the dating scene in New York, where JP currently resides.

We talk about being vulnerable with other male friends about things we struggle with. Especially 2 black men, of African decent (Rwanda and Togo) and how our cultural constructs affect how we approach vulnerability. I admit to JP the many uplifting ways crossing paths with him were key in my growth... I talk for the first time about being a single dad.. A little shout out in passing to my friends les "Bons Fellas"...

We end by deconstructing ways to show health care. We also touch on mental health, share some things we've been learning about therapy and how it affects our vulnerability today...


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