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Episode 4: Find Your Tribe, Keep Your Head up, Move Forward!

Episode 4: Find Your Tribe, Keep Your Head up, Move Forward!
I caught up with the comedian General Mutombo. Episode lots of laugh and cry. We talk about domestic violence, knowing your rights as an immigrant

Find your tribe, keep your head up, move forward!

I caught up with the extraordinary, the one and only, General Mutombo: the best African comedian in the PNW. If I could nickname this episode, it would be entitled laugh and cry. This episode is the re-incarnation of everything I've wanted TWDS Podcast to be. We talk about the very painful experience of domestic violence and matrimonial abuse, we talk about the difficult journey of immigrants and how they can be left vulnerable in a system they don't understand. We talk domestic violence from the prospective of a cisgender heterosexual man as a victim. We talk a little about mental health especially it's taboo in black families.

There's tons of hope in this episode, the General drops a lot of tribal African knowledge and does it in at times the most of hilarious ways. We also respect the times we are in, this episode was recorded 2 days after the 2020 American Presidential Election, so of course some Nevada jokes and of course no way to get 2 Africans together without being extra hyped and making fun of African dictators.

I frankly don't know if I'm ever going to get such a raw story in TWDS, tune in, I talk a lot more about the podcast journey in the intro to this episode.

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Episode Transcript

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